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SFP100 Current Measurement IC

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Sendyne’s SFP100 is a high precision sensing IC addressing the unique requirements of electrical energy storage and monitoring, and drive control systems. The IC simultaneously measures bi-directional DC current across a resistive shunt, voltage, and temperature at four points using two 24-bit ΣΔ ADCs. The SFP100 is rated for the automotive temperature range of –40 °C to +125 °C.

For current sensing the SFP100 achieves an uncalibrated maximum offset error of less than 150 nanovolts when measuring the voltage drop across the shunt, regardless of the resistance of that shunt. This performance is guaranteed throughout the entire automotive temperature range.

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With an appropriate shunt, the IC can accurately measure a wide dynamic range of currents from 10s of thousands of amperes to milliamperes. Shunts in the sub-100 nano-ohm region can now be used in the field, resulting in significant power savings with no sacrifice to measurement accuracy.

Sendyne’s proprietary, patented and patent-pending “Continuous Calibration” technology allows the IC to compensate for thermal drifts including those arising from external interface circuitry such as EMI/RFI/anti-aliasing filters. The IC provides internally-accumulated coulomb counting information, accurate voltage measurement with a flexible range, and accurate temperature sensing using inexpensive external thermistors. The SFP100 communicates to the host system over a simple serial interface; custom interfaces can be provided.

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Sendyne SFP100 Product Brief

SFP100 Product Brief

Sendyne SFP100 Datasheet

SFP100 Datasheet





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