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Sendyne SFP200 current and voltage sensing module




SFP200 Current and Voltage Measurement Module for EVs and grid storage

SFP200MOD, the first turnkey module capable of precisely measuring currents from mA to kA, while simultaneously measuring three high-voltage potentials (800 V nominal, 1000 V / channel max) accurately. Designed specifically for the needs of electric vehicles (EVs) and Energy Storage Systems (ESS), this cost-effective, automotive grade member of Sendyne’s SFP family communicates via an isolated CAN 2.0B interface (500 kbit/s). The module is designed around the Sendyne SFP200 IC and achieves an accuracy of ±1.0 % for current measurement over the whole operating temperature range of –40 °C to +125 °C.

An evaluation kit, including a CAN to USB dongle and cables, and PC software is available.

― Turnkey solution
― Achieves better than ±1.0 % (typically ±0.5%) accuracy of current measurement
― Measures three high-voltage potentials (800 V nominal, 1000 V / channel max)
― Resolves currents from mA to 1000 A
― CAN 2.0B interface
― Automotive temperature range of –40 °C to +125 °C
― Low power consumption
― Isolated front end for “high” or “low” side current sensing and attenuation of system-induced noise
― Built-in calibration for current measurements
― Built-in compensation for resistance dependence of the shunt on temperature
― Built-in calibration for voltage measurements
― Separate Charge, Discharge, and Total coulomb counters

― Grid energy storage
― Battery monitoring for automotive applications
― Home energy storage


SFP200MOD Product Brief UPDATED June 7, 2017
SFP200MOD Datasheet
UPDATED June 7, 2017
CAN 2.0B Protocol Document
UPDATED June 7, 2017

Sendyne SFP200SFT Control Software Installer-1.0 -- Click here to download
Visit Sendyne's GitHub site for more software

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SFP200MOD press release

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SFP200KIT (evaluation kit)

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