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Arrary of Sendyne Signature Series modules connected to USB



Sendyne Signature Series IVT Modules

The Sendyne Signature Series are lightweight, portable current, voltage and temperature sensing modules suitable for precise laboratory measurements. Individually calibrated, these modules precisely measure current over a wide dynamic range with an accuracy of 0.05%. Galvanically isolated, the module incorporates a 100 µOhm shunt that allows measurement of currents up to ± 100 A continuous (± 500 A peak). Alternate shunts are available for those who wish to measure smaller or higher currents.

― Achieves ±0.05 % accuracy of current measurement over temperature range of –40 °C to +125 °C
― Accurate voltage measurement (±0.05 % typ.) with flexible range
― Time between measurements is 5 milliseconds
― 61 µA resolution.
― External temperature can be measured with ± 1 °C precision.
―Separate Charge, Discharge, and Total Coulomb counters
― Simple serial communication interface
― Software library available on GitHub for interfacing to NI's LabView and other programs
― Low power consumption
― Isolated front end for “high” or “low” side current sensing and attenuation of system-induced noise

― Test benches
― High accuracy lab environments
― Battery monitoring for industrial, automotive, railroad and utility scale storage
― Current flow precision metering


Signature Series Product Brief
Signature Series Module Datasheet

SFP10x Application Notes / FAQs

Instructional Videos

Importing the SFP10X Communication Library into LabView
Creating a VI in LabView using SFP10X Communications Library


SFP101 Control Software V1.3
Visit Sendyne's GitHub page for libraries for Labview

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SFP101xASTZyz (SFP101 IC), SFP101EVB-LAB-KIT (evaluation kit)



Sendyne SFP101 Kit

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