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Hybrid Vehicle Simulation with a
Battery Compact Physical Model
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May 2014 Research Report

Hybrid Vehicle Simulation with a Battery Compact Physical Model


Battery pack and total vehicle simulation

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Figure 1:Through-the-Road HEV simulation, including the cooling system, with battery Compact Physical Model

Total vehicle simulation can reduce time-to-market, improve performance and cut costs by optimizing the power delivery system. So far battery simulation for xEVs was performed through look-up tables and uncoupled equivalent-circuit and thermal models. Sendyne and Gamma Technologies integrated for the first time a Compact Physical Model (CPM) with a vehicle simulation tool to provide detailed power and thermal simulations. Gamma Technologies GT-SUITE provides drive cycle analysis and it was recently selected by Robert Bosch GmbH as its preferred tool. CellMod™ and RTSim™ from Sendyne provide a cell CPM and a real time model solver.

Sendyne CellMod pack simulation detail

Figure 2: Each cell in the pack is modeled individually to reflect statistical variations among cells. Thermal interactions among adjacent cells are also modeled. Simulation time for a battery pack consisting of 100 series connected cells, is less than 50 s for each 1000 s of actual time.

The technology was presented at the IEEE Transportation and Electrification Conference iTEC2014 on June 15 to 18, 2014.

Abstract: In order to ensure high accuracy of complete hybrid powertrain simulations, it is important that models capture the temperature-sensitive behavior of the involved components and the flow of energy between subsystems. This paper presents the coupling of a battery Compact Physical Model (CPM) with a hybrid electric vehicle model, including the propulsion system and the thermal aspect of its components, as well as the entire cooling system. The resulting model can accurately predict the interactions between the various subsystems and the various energy paths and thus it can be used for thermal management analysis and control strategy optimization.


Mike Arnet, Iakovos Papadimitriou and John Milios, “Hybrid Electric Vehicle Simulation with Integrated Battery Compact Physical Model”, Accepted for publication, IEEE ITEC 2014

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