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Power Delivery Systems

How we efficiently consume, conserve and securely generate the energy we need is one of the key challenges of the 21st century.  One technology that has the potential to help meet this challenge is energy storage.  Energy storage can aid in optimization of the electric grid, enable effective integration of alternative, intermittent generation, such as wind and solar, and can empower a new generation of electric vehicles.

Large-scale storage systems are extremely complex.  Proper system management is critical; it must be able to effectively monitor, predict and control all aspects of battery system performance, including capacity, cycle life and safety.  Failure to provide such management results in underutilized (and overpriced) battery packs that require extra capacity to hedge against the unknown.  

Effective battery system management cannot be accomplished using existing technologies nor by employing traditional methods used for notebook or other smaller batteries.  Further, a multidisciplinary approach is needed, one which combines knowledge of electrochemistry, power systems, modeling, and Digitally Assisted Analog (DAA).

Sendyne® was formed in 2010 to address the challenges of battery system management through the development of breakthrough technologies.  We’ve formed a multidisciplinary team which has developed a strong intellectual property portfolio.  These technologies are focused on crucial aspects of battery system management, including accurate sensing, power delivery system design, robust, predictive modeling and more. 

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