Sendyne Awarded 16th Patent
Method for Prolonging Run Time and Life of Large Battery Arrays

New York, New York, November 21, 2017–

Sendyne Corp. has been issued a new patent, by the US Patent office, that covers a novel method for cell balancing in large battery arrays. The patent, numbered 9,812,877, is for a method of dynamically detecting weak cells in a battery stack, for optimizing the cell balancing process.

The method prolongs battery run time while minimizing time and energy waste in the balancing process. In addition, it prolongs battery cycle life by minimizing stress of the weaker cells.

“The problem of identifying and preventing weak cells from prematurely shutting down a battery stack is not trivial. State of Charge estimation, used as a criterion today, is not sufficient to prevent premature shutdown. Estimating the internal resistance of cells is equally important as each cell’s output voltage is determined by both. This patent is for the method to account for both.” said Aakar Patel, VP of Business Development. “This is our fifth patent on cell balancing and grows our number of patents to 16, confirming our technical leadership in the technical areas that we compete”.

Cell balancing has been recognized as the most efficient way to increase battery run time and life. Sendyne’s unique technologies in battery modeling and embedded scientific computing enables the optimization of the cell balancing process.

This patent was prepared by the Oppedahl Patent Law Firm LLC.


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