Sendyne Issued 14th Patent
Latest patent covers accurate detection of very small signals from
sensing devices

New York, New York, May 16, 2017 –
Sendyne Corp. has been issued a new patent, by the US Patent office, that covers accurate detection of very small signals from the analog to digital converters used typically in microcontroller based devices.

The patent, numbered 9,588,144, is for the dynamic correction of the drift experienced in analog to digital converters, due to temperature and other factors, which over time shifts acquired readings and prevents accurate sensing of small signals.

“This patent makes claims in connection with our current sensing technology that allows us to use very small resistors to accurately read large ranges of currents in energy storage and power systems. Our circuits can read from thousandths to thousands of Amperes with accuracy and minimal heat generation in a wide temperature range” said Aakar Patel, VP of Business Development, Sendyne Corp. “This grows our number of patents to 14, confirming our technical leadership in the technical areas that we compete”.

Reading current accurately is critical in several applications, ranging from testing laboratories to energy storage systems. In battery power systems, incorrect readings of even small currents over a period of time, distorts the information on available energy, consequently compromising system management decisions. Sendyne employs this technology in all its current, voltage and temperature sensing products. Sendyne’s current sensing products have been established as the most accurate in the industry and are used in aerospace, automotive, industrial and test equipment applications by tens of leading in their fields companies.

This patent was prepared by the Oppedahl Patent Law Firm LLC.

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