Sendyne’s Portable Lab-Grade Module Measures Current with 0.05% Accuracy over Full Temperature Range
Software Library Available on GitHub for Single or Multiple Unit Interface to National Instruments LabView or other Software

New York, New York, March 16, 2016 – Sendyne, a developer of precision current and voltage measurement systems and modeling/simulation tools for battery systems and other applications, has introduced a lightweight, portable current, voltage and temperature sensing module suitable for precise laboratory measurements. The individually calibrated Sendyne Signature Series modules precisely measure current over a wide dynamic range with an accuracy of 0.05%. Galvanically isolated, the module incorporates a 100 µOhm shunt that allows measurement of currents up to ± 100 A continuous (± 500 A peak). Alternate shunts are available for those who wish to measure smaller or higher currents. Due to Sendyne’s proprietary temperature compensation feature, this 0.05% accuracy is maintained from –40 °C to +125 °C. Time between measurements is 5 milliseconds, making the unit practical for real time experiments. Resolution is 61 µA. A voltage channel is capable of measuring voltage with nominal full scale voltage of ±150 V. An external temperature can be measured with ± 1 °C precision. The module also offer built-in precision Coulomb counting (charge accumulation), with separate counters for charge, discharge and total Coulombs.

For laboratories utilizing National Instruments LabView or other software, Sendyne provides a software library which can be freely accessed from GitHub. This enables multiple units to measure various currents simultaneously. A video providing implementation instructions for porting the library into LabView is available from Sendyne’s YouTube channel. Comprehensive technical support is also provided. In addition, Sendyne offers free, PC-based testing software, downloadable from the company’s website.

The standard module communicates to a host over a simple serial protocol; a serial to USB cable enables interface to a PC. Other protocols are available. Other modules are available for laboratories needing to measure multiple / higher voltages.

Sendyne offers yearly unit recalibration for a nominal fee as well as a swapping program. Signature series modules are $499 in single unit quantities.


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