Sendyne Sponsors Dutch Team in the 2015 World Solar Challenge
Sendyne Sponsors Solar Team Twente in their 3000 km race across Australia

New York, New York, May 8, 2015 –

Sendyne, an innovative developer of products and technologies for energy system design and management, is pleased to announce their sponsorship of Solar Team Twente in the World Solar Challenge 2015. This solar-powered car race begins on October 18, 2015 in Darwin, on Australia’s Northern coast and ends 4 to 5 days later at the finish line in Adelaide, on the Southern coast, some 3000 km away.

Solar Team Twente comprises 19 students from Saxion University Enschede and the University of Twente in the Netherlands. The group is designing a 500-cell, Li-ion battery pack and battery management system (BMS). The battery will be used during steep hills and cloudy weather as an energy buffer to keep a constant speed. Solar Team Twente is implementing Sendyne’s SFP101EVB in their BMS to accurately measure current, voltage and temperature.  In addition, they are using the SFP101EVB’s Coulomb counting feature to help determine the state of charge (SOC).

"The SFP101 helps us to monitor our battery pack more accurately and faster," commented Fieke Hillerström, an electrical engineer with Solar Team Twente.
“We are excited for Solar Team Twente as they embark on this 3000 km solar-powered journey and are happy to support their efforts in developing alternative-energy automotive technology through their advanced solar-powered vehicle,” said Michele DeCaprio, Sendyne Marketing.


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