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Green Car Congress, September 26, 2019
Altair adds Sendyne battery system simulation software to support advanced EV battery systems design

Power Electronics, June 2, 2017
Loss of Battery-Cable Isolation Prompts EV/HEVs to Protect Against Potential Hazards

EDN May 7, 2017
Isolation monitor protects EVs and HEVs

CAN Newsletter Online, May 4, 2017
Detecting electrical hazards during operation

Charged Magazine, May 3, 2017
Isolation monitor detects potential hazards during operation 

EE News, May 3, 2017
Detecting high voltage battery isolation failures in Electric Vehicles

Sensors Online, April 27, 2017
Isolation Monitor Detects Electrical Hazards During Dynamic Operation

Greencar Congress, April 27, 2017 
Sendyne introduces first isolation monitor for EVs and HEVs capable of detecting potential electrical hazards during dynamic operation

Electronics 360, April 27, 2017 
Isolation Monitor for Electric, Hybrid Vehicles

Sensors Magazine, January 10, 2017 
Module Simultaneously Measures Current From mA to kA & 
Three High Voltages

Power Electronics, February 5, 2016 
Power Management ICs From Q3, Q4 2015

EDN, December 3, 2015 
Sendyne SFP102 named EDN Hot 100 Product of 2015

Green Car Congress, November 13, 2015 
Sendyne patents novel active battery cell balancing method

Charged Magazine, October 16, 2015
Sendyne’s new current measurement module

EDN, October 14, 2015
Shunt-based module measures up to 375 A

Sensors Magazine, October 9, 2015
Enclosed Module Enables Precision DC Measurement

Charged Magazine, July 28, 2015
New device dynamically reduces offset error in DC current measurement

Sensors Magazine, July 23, 2015
Newly-Patented Invention Dynamically Cancels Offset Error in Current Measurements

IEEE Solid-State Circuits, Fall 2014
Celebrates Yannis Tsisvidis, Sendyne's Chief Technical Advisor

EDN Europe, 11/3/2014
Sensor IC offers precision current measurement: "any material" shunts

EETimes Europe, 11/3/2014
Sensor IC offers precision current measurement: "any material" shunts

EDN, 10/26/ 2014
Sensor IC offers precision current measurement 

Charged EVs Magazine, 10/20/2014
Sendyne's new SFP101 precisely measures current using shunt of any material 

Unique Battery Pack Architecture patented by Sendyne 

Sensors Mag, 10/17/2014
Chip Measures current Using Shunt of Any Resistance Made of Any Material

NAATBatt Weekly, 10/3/2014
NAATBatt Weekly newsletter 

Green Car Congress, 10/2/2014
Sendyne awarded patent for novel battery pack architecture enabling constant voltage packs 

The Battery Show, 9/8/2014
Sendyne to Demonstrate Next-Generation Current Measurement System and Advanced Battery Model at The Battery Show

EDN, 5/31/2014
Hybrid vehicle simulation with a battery compact 
physical model

Design News, 5/27/2014
Software Platform Simulates Operation of Hybrids, EVs 

Green Car Congress, 5/14/2014
Gamma Technologies and Sendyne introducing comprehensive hybrid and EV simulation with integrated battery model 

Desktop Engineering, 5/14/2014
Gamma Technologies Achieves Hybrid Electric Vehicle Simulation 

EDN Asia, 4/18/2014
Current-sensing IC boasts wide dynamic range 

EDN, 4/15/2014
Achieving accurate measurements of large DC currents 

Power Systems Design China, 4/10/2014
Sendyne Addresses New Energy Industry Needs in China 

EDN China, 4/10/2014
Sendyne Addresses New Energy Industry Needs in China 

Power Systems Design, 3/4/2014
U of Toronto and Sendyne to present innovative mobile device power design at APEC 2014 

Electronic Engineering Journal, 3/3/2014
University of Toronto and Sendyne to Present Innovative Power Supply Design for Mobile Devices at the IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference 

The Battery Show, 2/10/2014
EDN Selects Sendyne's SFP100 as One of the 100 Hot Products of 2013 

UBM, 1/25/2014
UBM Tech's EE Times and EDN Announce the Finalists for 2014 ACE Awards 

NY-BEST, 1/17/2014- EDN Selects Sendyne's SFP100 as One of the 100 Hot Products of 2013

EDN, 11/19/2013
EDN Hot 100 products of 2013: Analog 

EDN, 10/25/2013
Top 10 Products for September 2013: L-to-D converter, e-car motor, multi-sensor robot kit & more

EDN Asia, 9/3/2013
Turnkey module from Sendyne precisely measures DC current 

EDN, 9/1/2013
Sendyne claims module is the first to precisely measure DC current from 3 mA to 500 A over automotive temperature range 

Green Car Congress, 8/22/2013
Sendyne module precisely measures DC current from 3 mA to 500 A over the automotive temperature range 

GreenTech Media, 8/16/2013
Designing Grid Batteries to Live Long and Prosper 

EDN, 4/29/2013
Sendyne IC achieves ten-fold increase in dynamic range of 
current measurement

Sensors Mag, 4/28/2013
Current Sensing IC from Sendyne 

EDN, 4/16/2013
High-accuracy current sensor boasts wide dynamic range 

Charged EVs Magazine, 4/16/2013
New Sendyne IC greatly increases dynamic range of current measurement 

Electronic Engineering World China, 4/11/2013
Sendyne developed a precision current sensor for electric vehicles 

Green Car Congress, 4/9/2013
Sendyne IC achieves ten-fold increase in dynamic range of current measurement; targeted for EVs and grid applications 

Semiconductor Online, 4/9/2013
Sendyne IC Achieves Ten-Fold Increase In Dynamic Range Of 
Current Measurement

Automotive World, 10/8/2012
US: Sendyne’s active cell balancing patented 

Green Car Congress, 10/5/2012
Sendyne awarded second patent for active cell balancing technology for large battery arrays 

GreenTech Media, 4/30/2012
Spider9 Aims at Battery Cell and Solar Panel Management 

GreenTech Media, 3/23/2012
GreenSmith, Sendyne, ARPA-E, and the Road to Better Battery Management 

Green Car Congress, 2/6/2012
Sendyne and the University Of Toronto enter research agreement for battery systems technology to accelerate EV and grid storage applications





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