Invention Employs Disposable Cartridges That Provide a Controlled Fuel Supply

New York, New York, March 3, 2011– Sendyne® Corp., a New York-based technology company,  was awarded a significant patent for a practical method for the deployment of fuel cell technology into portable consumer products.
Battery-operated consumer products currently rely on either rechargeable or disposable batteries for their power needs.

Although significant progress has been made in improving energy density of these batteries, prolonged operating time is still something to be desired, especially in field applications where access to charging power is not available. Properly implemented, fuel cell cartridges provide a light-weight power source for these applications, using inexpensive fuel.  

Sendyne® novel system employs disposable cartridges that provide a controlled supply for the fuel required to operate the fuel cells. The small size cartridges can be carried by consumers and be inserted whenever the portable system prompts for replenishment of the fuel, much like a cartridge for a fountain pen. Sendyne’s innovation provides a practical method for inserting and activating such cartridges into a fuel cell system.

“It’s a method that can make it practical to design dual function products operating either with electricity or fuel cells, where consumers can enjoy prolonged and uninterrupted use of their device even when there is no access to an electrical outlet, and all this at a low environmental and financial cost” says Sendyne® CEO, John Milios.

The patent has priority day of January 2003. The company can be contacted directly for licensing information.  

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